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Paste Magazine has a very insightful article about the four movies that saved SciFi this summer; District 9, Moon, Cold Souls, and , of course, Star Trek. In the real world (a place I sometimes visit), a few new twists in the development of the Web are mentioned by MIT’s Technology Review. First, using White Space for Wi-Fi was proposed this week at SIGCOMM 2009. In the old analog TV days, the White Space was the empty spaces in the video datastream where things like closed captioning could be inserted. These days it means the gaps between existing digital Radio and TV transmission spectrum allocations. While this process has been going on for a while, with Google, the FCC, and many others fighting over the bandwidth, the SIGCOMM presentation makes it a global push. Even more interesting, it looks like we are several steps closer to building a quantum internet, and the quantum computers to run on it.