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Science Fiction music is always fun, and one of the best sources is opening and closing theme songs of various Sci-Fi shows. Personally, I love all the soundtrack, incidental, and interstitial music as well, but most folks only remember the theme songs, so that is the primary target to go for on any given show. One of the groups that perform such themes to the point they are recognized internationally is AKB48, or The Akihabara 48. Last month NHKWorld Premium played a documentary, called the AKB 48 Documentary (what a surprise, huh?) all about them and their music on Sunday the 9th, and it was quite tasty. Even if you don’t speak the language you will enjoy the music, I promise.

Running a Windows 7 OS and looking for some Anime themes? They have a few good free ones over at VikiTech, like this Full Metal Alchemist theme. Just as in earlier windows versions, a theme is more than a wallpaper instance for your desktop. Each of these themes include a number of switchable wallpapers, custom icons, and sounds from the show. They also made the Anime Angels theme, and others for Naruto Shippuden, Nartuo, Bleach, and a number of others. In their Theme Gallery they ave other categories as well, including Games, Movies, and Space. Not all of them are for straight download; some of them you can only access if you either subscribe to their newsletter or friend them on Facebook.