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It is hard to get enough of this band, they are one of the best groups out of Japan. One OK Rock has a unique sound that puts them at the center of the J-Rock scene. Check out their new documentary FOOL COOL ROCK!, which follows them through their latest world tour and features a number of their best tracks. The first song here is their 2012 hit The Beginning, the second is 2014’s Mighty Long Fall which came out at the end of July. The third track, Clock Strikes is from 2013, which gives you a song from each of the last 3 years, all of them amazing. It used to be impossible to get music from Japan easily or at least without paying a premium price for an import CD, but of course these days you can just download the ones you like from iTunes for a small fee per song. Unfortunately, all their US tour dates this year are in California in October, too bad they won’t be coming to the east coast.

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