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Starting today, a brand new series of radio adventures begin for Tom Baker in Doctor Who: Hornets’ Nest. That is the story arc name, which is comprised of five stories, each an hour long. The first half of the first story, The Stuff of Nightmares, part 1 aired today at 6PM London time, and will air again at Midnight. It will be available at that link to listen to for the next 6 days, with a new episode each weekday evening at the same time for the next two weeks. At least that is the usual arrangement, but I am not taking any chances and will be listening to each episode the day it airs. They are also running two other Sci-Fi programs around it; just before the doctor you can here Married, a science fiction comedy about a bachelor who wakes up in a parallel universe to discover he is married there. And just after the Doctor this week is H. P. Lovecraft’s At The Mountains of Madness, also starting today. You can see the full schedule here, but as I write this there are only 7 hours left to hear episode 1 of married, since that program only runs once a week.