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Three things come to mind when I hear the word Supergirl these days; one TV show, and two variations on the same song. The new iteration on the Supergirl TV show from CBS looks kick ass, as you can tell from the first video. Kara Zor-El looks to be in full control, except for when she isn’t. They certainly don’t need any encouragement from me, but how can I keep quiet when they are setting up for such an amazing start?

When we drop into the music, I have loved the Reamonn song for a few decades now, definitely one of my favorites. If you don’t know them, Reamonn was a German pop rock band headed up by Irishman Rea Garvey. His hit off the first album was Supergirl, which made the top 10 in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria. For the most part, people in North America (or much of anywhere else outside of central Europe centered on Germany) only heard the track as an import, and it didn’t receive much air play. But it should have; it was amazing!

Just recently it has been covered and re-released by Anna Naklab featuring Alle Farben & YOUNOTUS. This version is every bit as intense as the original; enjoy them all! Alle Farben, Anna Naklab, and You Not Us are all German artists, singing this world-class song in English. Which is pretty much how it started off, after all.