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If this J-Rock band isn’t channeling the love child of the Beatles and Chuck Berry in this song, they are coming damn close. Ulfuls got their name because back in 1992 one of the band members misread the word Soulful on his favorite album and they went with it. I find this rather ironic, since the lead guitarist’s name is Ulful Keisuke; or perhaps that was more of an inside joke. They turned out a ton of singles, albums, and videos from 1992 through 2009, at which point they retired, until the last few weeks. It looks like the band, or at least the lead guitarist, is once more cranking out music and putting together a tour, including the release of this track online earlier this week, and an appearance on Music Station to get himself back out in front of the public again.

UPDATE: There was a live version of the track recorded this week and released/posted on the 6th of March, 2014, so I appended it to this blog entry. Enjoy!