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The band Vianka are playing a musical style known as Shimokitazawa Guitar Rock, a neighborhood of Tokyo that rose up and became the center of Japanese Indie music in the 90s, and continues to hold that place today. The first track is Sympathy of Only One, and I find myself loving it as much for the excellent animation work as I do for the music. It was posted at the beginning of March, and is from their first EP under their new name (the band used to be known as Bianca Decided to Die). The second track is Kagome, also from that same EP; sadly they haven’t posted the 3rd and 4th tracks yet. They were featured in an episode of the Colony TV show, which showcases the best musical acts coming out of Hokkaido. They have a live music performance by the band being interviewed each week, but I left it as a link rather than an embed because you have to wade through an hour of interview to get to the 15 minutes of music. Had the interview been in English I would have included it.