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Big record companies are famous for being greedy and short-sighted, and a great example of this is what happened when online music videos came around. At first, the artists went after them as a means of getting their music in front of the public, generating buzz and fans; free advertising in an online world. The record companies let them do it, and thousands of fans would embed their favorite songs on their pages, exposing still more people to the music. But the record companies always want to be paid for things other people create and distribute, so the lawyers worked out a way to make YouTube pay on a per-play basis for the music. Since it worked out that YouTube only has to pay when the music is streamed on YouTube itself, most record companies refused to allow any music they had under contract to be embedded. This shut the bands out of gaining thousands of new fans by having their songs on all kind of pages, while the record companies themselves aren’t making any noticeable amount of money from the streams (assuming they aren’t just cooking the books to avoid paying the bands their royalties); a loose/loose situation. But after hammering on their record company for weeks, Chicago’s alt rockers OK GO got them to allow this amazing video to be embedded, and I predict it is going to bring them thousands of new fans, mostly mad scientists in training who love rock! For the background on this one, visit DVice.