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I generally do a music post on Saturday night, and tonight being the 50th anniversary of the very first Doctor Who episode, that pretty much locks down the theme. A number of fans have done their own version of Doctor Who Theme, and I thought I would share a few of the ones I really liked today. The first one is by Camille and Kennerly Kitt, also known as the Harp Twins, and they have done a truly unique version. The next is Doctor Who Meets Metal from Eric Calderone. Then we have Lara plays the Doctor Who theme on violin, and I would like to point out the posters behind her and her R2D2 skirt.

Finally, we finish up with the famous Doctor Who Theme Song played with Tesla Coils by Ark Attack! If you haven’t already played with the musical possibilities inherent in Tesla Coils, it is really pretty simple. They are spark gaps (sometimes some pretty freaking big spark gaps) through the air generated by Alternating Current. How frequently they spark per second determines the frequency of the sound they make, which allows you to use them to play music. It works best with a standard synthesizer keyboard structure, where the key you press engages the preset oscillator circuit that feeds power to the coil at the desired frequency.