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The image of the Doilak just cracked me up, so I had to share it here. Charlie Jane over at io9 has put together a great list of Philip K. Dick Stories that Hollywood Hasn’t Filmed Yet but really, really should. Finally, there were a few unscheduled DVD releases this week… or rather, scheduled in an unusual way. Previously special editions of them had been released, complete with some collector item, such as a figurine or pencil board. Once the special editions were sold out, they then released the regular versions. I suppose they were hoping that people who could not wait to see it would be willing to pay the inflated prices that collector items bring to the table, thereby increasing their up-front profit. I consider this a bit cheesy; I have to see a series before I know if I like it enough to pay an extra $10 to $25 to get the version with $1.29 worth of paint and extruded plastic to proudly mount on my shelf. The bit I find embarrassing is I had not noticed they were doing this until they released the regular ones; I just assumed the initial releases were over priced and didn’t bother. The titles being released this way this way this week include Chrome Shelled Regios and The Sacred Blacksmith. They are referring to it as a First Press Edition, much like the First Edition books have had for centuries, but with tangible value added items.