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It looks like a good chance on “Yes”; Joss Whedon may indeed get to direct the Avengers movie, according to Cinematical. Considering how many times Hollywood has shafted Joss, I find this news exciting indeed, as long as they don’t pull the rug out from under him again. And this isn’t just any Marvel Superhero movie, but the one all the others have been building to for years; Iron Man, Nick Fury, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, and Captain America all in a movie together! And directed by Joss Himself; I am so ready for this one!

And speaking of media monster conglomerate executives, SciFi Wire posted a good Venn diagram of the possible Syfy Movie Monster Combination’s that channel might use to continue creating those really horrible made-for-TV movies they do. I have to scratch my head at that, because some of their TV shows like Eureka or Caprica are world class, while most of their movies are completely unwatchable (the last good one was Deep Red). Then there is the fact that SciFi Wire was (at least until recently) owned by the Syfy Channel, so I have to wonder why they are making fun of their former bosses. Thanks to Science Fiction Geeks for the heads up on that one.