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New Doctor Who is on the way, beginning on April 17th per Airlock Alpha… and yes, according to a lot of other sites as well, including BBCAmerica itself. But Airlock Alpha is a great old site (was Syfy since the ’90s until they sold the name to a well-known cable channel) that deserves all the mentions it can get.

Meanwhile, the Science and Entertainment Exchange has a member who has been making the news for proposing Realism in Sci-Fi may be a good thing. As an example, a movie should only be able to break one law of physics, such as traveling faster than light or backwards in time (even though both of them are allowed for in Quantum Mechanics, String Theory and Brane Theory, we don’t have a workable engineering solution for them yet). This is the intellectual inverse of my current favorite science TV show, called Sci-Fi Science. Each week, they tackle one science fiction concept and look at the engineering it would take to make them happen, based on our current level of technology. I find it interesting to see just how close we come on some of them, like the super-hero suit or building a light sabre.