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Do NOT miss this one! Check Anonymous Rex for details. The SciFi Channel will be airing it at the beginning of November, and I am looking forward to see how well they translated the first book in the series into TV mode. Please note, by First Book I mean the Prequil, Casual Rex. If they get good enough numbers in the ratings, I am hoping they continue through the series, and make more of these. The closest thing I have found to a Home Page for the author (the same Eric Garcia who wrote Matchstick Men) is a rather disappointing Amazon front; if anyone knows where his true home page lives, please send me the link! The Interview he did at the MysteryOne web sight is worth a visit, and has convinced me I need to go out and get a copy of his AudioBook version, if only to hear him sing! LOL… Too bad the link they list for him there goes to one of those now-owned-by-a-domain-name-seller companies.