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A true-to-the-book version of Frankenstein is coming to The Hallmark Channel on October 5th and 6th. If you get the channel, don’t miss this one!

Also, Anonymous Rex has been made into a movie for the SciFi Channel, airing on 13Nov04. The story is actually from Casual Rex, the prequil to Anonymous Rex, and the start of the series of books. Since they named it after the next book, there may be some hope that if it does well in the ratings, they will continue through the rest of the stories.

There is a Science And Fiction Symposium being held from 29Sep04 through 2Oct04 in San Francisco. What sets this apart from the average scifi Con is the fact that it is sponsored by 2 museums, and the guest speakers are both scifi writers and scientists. The list includes David Brin, Greg Benford, Dave Grossman, Fran├žois Junod, Kim Stanley Robinson, Rudy Rucker, and a lot more. The museums behind it are the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame in Seattle, and the House of Elsewhere in Switzerland. If you are anywhere on the Left Coast, try to make this one, and send me back a report!