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The edge of science, which is where scifi lives. The Singularity is the most important of them, and the one that will make its mark soon. But all of them are worth a visit, and worth at least some thought.

Interestingly enough, it isn’t a scifi mag, but a science one, that has the best story about the Singularity. Which should catch your attention, since it isn’t fiction, and will be here in the next few years!

Some other interesting things worth your time to check out include Advances in Nanotechnology… wait, this one isn’t scifi either, but a report on our advances! OK, how about the Exploration of Mars. Nope, another true story. So let’s go for a scifi classic, the one about not putting all our Eggs In One Basket. After all, survival is only a story, right?

Hmmm… It looks like the things that were scifi when I was growing up may be the way the world works today. That maybe being the case, I should offer a few other links, like the one to Neil Stephenson’s interview, or maybe C.L.Moore’s wonderful stories. Or maybe just to a few basic links, like Locus Mag, one of the most important sites on the web for Geeks Like Me! LOL…

I hope you find one or more of these links useful, and worth your time to check out. I like them all, and will be happy to chat with you about any and all of them!