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I have given links before about places to read sci-fi online for free. Another great one you may not be aware of will let you access some truly Classic science fiction short stories. The SciFi Channel updates the page often, and has included stories by Gardner Dozois, Joan D. Vinge, Eric Frank Russell, Roger Zelazny, and many others. Besides the current online story, the link includes an archive of past presentations, both classic and original.

In a totally different way to get (and give) your free dose of reading, Bookcrossing has a unique approach. When you find a book that speaks to you on a serious level, register it with them, document it’s registration info on the inside cover, and turn it loose… Give it to a friend, leave it on a chair at the airport or restaurant of your choice, and so forth. You can later log back into the site and view it’s travels around the world. This is Chaos Theory at it’s finest; some of them never show up on the site again. Others have long listings of people who have read your released copy. And you can even play games with the service; someone can release a book into the wild and leave clues, and you can try to be the one who finds and reads it!