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I can’t believe I am missing Farpoint again, and only realized it because of the Farpoint Hashtag running rampant through the folks I am following on Twitter! Not only is it one of the best Fan-run Cons ever, it takes place within an hours drive of where I live! Of course, even if I had remembered I would have missed it this year, because I seem to have broken my foot while fighting my way free of the Snopocalypse. Project for the weekend: build a database of events I don’t want to miss on one of my home computers, and set it up to propagate automatically to a few select servers. Project for next weekend: set up one module on every server farm in my cluster to spam me across all the devices I own one month in advance of every event in the local database, and resend the alert once a week until the event happens. Who knows, perhaps by 2020 I will stop missing events from ignorance, and only miss them for actual reasons.

This is a wonderful compilation of Star Trek: TNG segments, with the first iteration rumored to be a two minute long blooper reel assembled by Gene Roddenberry himself. As you can see, it has grown a bit since then, evolving into this 10 minute presentation called The Sexed Generation. But after that, I went looking for variations, and found a few…

Thanks to the folks at Sci-Fi Geeks for the initial heads up on this one. They were also the place I first learned Korea upgraded Avatar to 4D, adding 30 physical effects to the movie (including moving seats and the smell of explosives), because 3D was just not good enough.