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Funimation is another site that has streaming Anime that I decided to try out a subscription with. Like others, it includes both Anime and live action, and it also has simulcasts, meaning you can see an episode within a short amount of time of when it originally airs across the Pacific. It takes a slightly different approach on its subscription service than some others, in that it only gives you the first one to 3 episodes free on a number of series. If you want to keep watching after that you have to buy the subscription service. Note that that is only for a selection of it’s series, with other shows being available for free from beginning to end, and I haven’t noticed that a paid subscription gives you other advantages, like 720i or 1080P video quality. So while I still currently maintain my subscription, I am thinking about whether I should keep paying the monthly premium. I suspect it will ending up boiling down to what they are willing to add to the lineup each week or month; if I have already seen the ones I am interested in, then we will be finished. At the moment, they have a LOT of shows I am interested in, but they need to keep adding to that library if they want to retain me as a customer.