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Probably the most anticipated release for this week is 2012, an end-of-the-world epic based on the Mayan calendar (although the marketing team for this movie hopes you think it is predicted in many additional cultures). It has the budget and star power to actually be a quite entertaining film, which would be a surprise for a disaster flick. I look forward to finding out if they pull it off or not.

The one I think will be the winner this time is The Fantastic Mr. Fox, with folks like George Clooney and Meryl Streep doing the voiceovers for this Film Fest favorite. While only in limited release this weekend, next week it will be playing everywhere.

While not speculative fiction of any flavor, in fact a film based on real life events, I am looking forward to Pirate Radio. I was involved with the American version of a similar radio movement that decade, and expect to enjoy it for personal reasons.

In the week’s strange releases, none stands out so much as The Flying Scissors, a mockumentary about the intensely competitive world of Rock-Paper-Scissors.

In the TV department we have The Prisoner (the new version) launching on AMC on Sunday. There is a very interesting reaction to last week’s V; except it is not about V, but rather SGU. Go figure.