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Topping the TV show DVD list is the Sara Jane Adventures: the Complete 2nd Season. Sarah Jane has helped the franchise by bringing a truly kid-centric program that takes place on modern day Earth, using only the wits of its youthful protagonists to save the world. I find it makes an enjoyable counterbalance to the more adult themed Torchwood, each pivoting around the Doctor as their anchor point.

The western-style Animation winner for this Tuesday has to be Pixar’s UP, a movie that has had me snapping my head around and shouting Squirrel in mid-sentence since I first saw it. A good rule of thumb for me is if it is by Pixar, it belongs in the permanent collection. While I can’t say the same of the Cartoon Network, Xavier Renegade Angel looks worth checking out. BTW, if you were thinking about ordering the HD version of Aeon Flux, it looks like that one will not be released this month after all, if ever.

As usual, some quite good entries from the world of Anime, starting with Naruto: Shipp|AMP|#363;den the Movie. One series I wasn’t familiar with has two seasons (actually two different series) being released on Tuesday: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha – Collection, and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s – Complete Collection. There is also the usual assortment of repackaged re-releases, like the classic Giant Robo, and a few newly available on High Def as there are each week (this week Monsters, Inc. becomes available in HD, and last week WitchBlade did the deed).

I would have mentioned S A Collection 1, but I see no Sci-Fi influences in any review I have found, and I can name three series with the same plot description that include giant robots, two with magical girls, one that jumps through linear time and another that jumps between parallel world lines. Is there at least a telepath or curse to make it interesting? Finally, there are a few places reporting Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE comes out this week, but a lot more point to next week as the actual release date.

There was very little in the way of new Sci-Fi or Fantasy live action films released this week. There were a few horror flicks like Summer’s Moon that had no fantastical elements to them, although with Breast Grenades and Rocket Feet, Samurai Princess probably counts. There were a few classic gems turned out as High Def Blue Ray disks, including Godzilla, Logan’s Run, and Watchmen (The Ultimate Cut). Perhaps Christmas on Mars will become available soon.