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Starz ran episode 1 of the new season of Torchwood: Miracle Day last night, and it was good. But we have still more Torchwood goodness before they run episode 2 next Friday in the form of three radio plays they recorded right after filming ended on the new season. On Monday the 11th we get episode 1 of The Lost Files when Rhys and Gwen go to the Ivyday Nursing Home to close out his elderly uncles affairs, something isn’t quite right. In episode 2 Captain Jack and company use a submarine to try to rescue a stranded alien in the Mariana Trench on Tuesday the 12th, and it finished up on Wednesday the 13th with episode 3 at The House of the Dead, the most haunted pub in Wales. These are all run in BBC4’s Afternoon Play time slot at 14:15 GMT, but they should also be available to listen to online for six more days after each one airs. While neither Torchwood or Doctor Who, I should also mention Best Interests, Thursday at 14:15. It features a confused young man with no I.D. and a Dr. Who fixation, so I am going to have to check it out as well. Also Starz has uploaded episode 1 0f Torchwood: Web of Lies to YouTube.