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The Unclothed Man in the 35th Century A.D. is one of a number of amazing stories to come to us from the IFC Web Series collection, which you can enjoy online at any time. I do like their tag line: Always On. Slightly Off, and I do think they did a great job on the animation for this series. The series involves a human revolutionary/reactionary who tracks down and eliminates Droids, using both weapons and cunning, and not much in the way of ethics.

Another story from the IFC Webisode collection I find interesting is Dead And Lonely, about two hopefuls who are brought together by a speed dating service called DateOrDie.Com. Too bad one of them is a vampire, unless they can really work it out before dawn.

And then there is the ever recursive Twisted Night, a webisode program about making webisode programs. The Perl hidden at the core of this oyster is the Webisode How-To Guide, giving you specific details on how to make your home made indie production come across as professional as anything made by a major studio. Following this small handful of tips could make the difference between being ignored and being appreciated, but it won’t cost you much beyond time and attention span to upgrade your projects into something that has the potential to go viral.