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Those two are really a single concept, but for different worldviews. Broadband is a way to connect to the world, and Ars Technica has the best example of how the Broadband Recovery Bill will play out in Science Fiction terms. Cisco views it from the how to make it work perspective, and Gartner takes the how is it working aspect. Neither is right, or wrong; just looking at the reality through their own set of filters, for two very different conclusions. As I consider both viewpoints valid (if limited), I thought I should just link them here, so you can read and consider. How does that fit in with Riverworld? The Philip Jose Farmer Riverworld series is all about exploring our unlimited potential as human beings, with all the time in the world to do so. The new tech, with or without the federal grant money, is another step towards that same goal. If the new team at SyFy does half as much with the classic series as it deserves, it will also inspire us to create the future. Ad Astra!