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Just about to be released on DVD in the US , Eden of the East sucked me in with the initial scene: the protagonist naked with only a gun and a cell phone in front of the White House saves a tourist girl from arrest, then starts running. In eleven episodes, they cover one of the most interesting conspiracy plot lines I have seen, easily on a par with Welcome to the NHK or Speed Grapher, and every bit as riveting. It carved hours out of my precious sleep schedule, because every episode demanded that I watch the next, to find out what happened. Yes, I watched the entire thing in one sitting; I could not help myself. The link to watch the program online still exists at HULU, but the site link for Funimation Video is already past that, moving onto the new seasons programing, Like Birdy the Mighty: Decode. The best news is that it isn’t over; we get to go back to that world in Eden of The East the Movie I and II and see what happens next!

2 Replies to “New Anime: Eden of the East”

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    I watched the entire series in 2 nights. It’s just that good. I was impressed. I love the message they were trying to bring out with EotE.

    I actually posted my observations about NEETs based on the series. You can read it at:

    I hope they release the movies soon over here.

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    I agree, and I am also waiting eagerly for the movies. Good post, btw, any watcher of Welcome to the NHK knows what NEETs are, but not a lot of other folks in the US get that.