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The wonderful animation Kubo and the Two Strings comes out this week, if you missed it in the theaters you definitely want to catch it now. It is also one of the best instances of stop motion filming I have seen, possibly surpassing Box Trolls. Kevin Smith’s Yoga Hosers is also out this week, a sort of horror-comedy from Canada. Even though it isn’t genre I do have to mention Mechanic: Resurrection, if you are in the mood for action it is the film to watch this week.

In Anime Aquarion Logos: Part 1 is the first 6 episodes of Season 3 of the Aquarion series. The battle is between text and voice to determine which parts of the world are erased and which are saved. Likewise Gatchaman Crowds Insight is season 2 of the Gatchaman Crowds series, in which select Humans and Aliens wear suits which help them manifest their special powers and protect the Earth. Asterisk War Part 2 is the second half of the first season, and since there is a second season I expect waiting until they put the entire thing out in a single box set for a more reasonable price is the way to go.