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It didn’t come anywhere near me in its limited theatrical run, so Colossal has to be at the top of my personal list this week. It looks amazing in the trailer, and the premise is not one I have ever heard of, so I have to see it. Also this week The Circle is technology twisted to destroy privacy and bring Big Brother to life in ways that would have scared Orwell back to his farm. Even though it isn’t genre, I also have to mention Going In Style because it is too funny for words. I am not sure how it happened, but if there was any Anime being released this week it slipped right past me.

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    Colossal was an interesting movie. It is also considered an independent film despite the fact Anne Hathaway was present in the movie.
    I had the utmost pleasure of watching it at arclight theater in Montgomery mall where there was an interview with the director, producers, and some of the cast members at the end of the film.
    I would recommend watching the movie.