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In movies this week we have Vice (maybe), the Bruce Willis re-imagining of a Westworld-like place. I say maybe because it was originally set for release this week, but when I look up my pre-order it says both that it will be delivered on Tuesday and that it is not available. The critical response and box office were both so bad on this film that they may have decided to give the disc a pass after all. The beautifully animated Academy Award nominated Song of the Sea looks to be the winner among this weeks films, with the rather silly Penguins Of Madagascar also coming out.

In TV we have WKRP in Cincinnati: The Complete Second Season, a show I couldn’t watch when it first came out because I was always asleep. I had to be awake and alert when I got to the radio station at 11PM to go on air at midnight in those days. A whole lot of folks told me about the show, and asked if I had gotten paid to let them model the character Doctor Johnny Fever on my life. Sadly enough I didn’t see a penny from the show, but they nailed what being on an AOR radio station was like in the late 70s, and it is a favorite of mine. I am looking forward to seeing this new group of episodes.

In Anime we have Devils and Realist Complete Collection, all 12 episodes about the guy who broke into his family vaults to steal his tuition money, only to discover he had to choose the new ruler of Hell. That link will let you stream it at Crunchyroll. Tokyo Ravens: Season 1 Part 1 brings the first 12 episodes of the magic battlefield that is school (OK, that description sucks, watch the show and come up with your own; it is streaming at Funimation). Finally Bleach: Season 24 Uncut Box Set brings episodes 330 through 342 of the Soul Reapers adventures home. We can expect the Disc releases to slow down now, since they have just about caught up with real-time; episode 366 is streaming live this week from Japan on the Viz web site.