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In movies we get The Divergent Series: Insurgent, based on book two of the trilogy written be Veronica Roth. Again, why it is called a trilogy when it is 4 books long escapes me, but that worked just fine for Douglas Adams and it seems to work here as well. Epic fantasy at its finest, Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal is about Zhong Kui, a legendary warrior who is forced to conquer Heaven and Hell to save his people and the woman he loves… Literally. I am including a trailer at the end of the post for those who missed hearing about this when it was in the theaters last February. There is also the first Maori fantasy film I have heard of, The Dead Lands, presented in Maori with English subtitles. There is also one non-genre movie that looks interesting, Black & White: The Dawn of Assault!, a prequel to the popular Taiwan TV show Black & White. A cop and a criminal are forced to work together to save their city from something far worse than themselves.

In TV Orphan Black: Season 3 brings in the boy clones with a vengeance, and quite a bit of violence. I appreciate this shows ability to constantly hand us new twists we didn’t see coming, but I would be perfectly happy if they toned down the gore a bit. Even though it isn’t genre itself, I have to also mention The Casual Vacancy because it is J.K. Rowling’s first book for adults.

In Anime, Space Brothers: Collection 4 brings episodes 39 through 51 of this epic near-future adventure. One brother has barely survived crashing on the Moon with no rescue in sight and limited oxygen, while the other is fighting to make it through accelerated survival training on Earth alive. Meanwhile Turn A Gundam: Part 2 has episodes 26 through 50, and also takes place on both the Earth and Moon; but this time, it is the entire human race who’s survival is at risk. Finally, The Troubled Life of Miss Kotoura – Complete Collection is about a girl who has the ability to read minds, and the boy who gets her the help of the ESP Research Society, so she can start leading a less stressful life.