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In Movies we have The Giver, the story of a boy living in an peaceful, idealistic world; or so he thinks. When he get assigned as the Receiver of Memory for his people he learns things are quite different, and a lot more fragile, then he thought. This is based on the best selling YA novel of the same name by Lois Lowry.

I suppose I will have to put Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Turkey Day Collection in TV, even though it contains 4 movies. And the title is fully accurate, because the films are some real turkeys. While not genre, R.E.M. TV is worth mentioning; another Shout! Factory project, it is pretty much every instance of R.E.M. being on TV, including the out-takes.

In Anime, Log Horizon: Collection 1 is another virtual MMORPG that suddenly traps the players inside what doesn’t seem to be a virtual world any more. While it has a completely different flavor than my favorite of the type (SAO, of course), it is quite fun in a completely different way. We also get Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie out from Viz Media, US home of all things Naruto.