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Movies brings us Pixar’s Inside Out, where the main characters are various emotions running loose all across our subconscious. A Lego Brickumentary explores the history and uses of Lego’s from perspectives I had never imagined, and ended up being quite an interesting documentary.

TV has Doctor Who: Series 9 Part 1 which contains the first six episodes of season 9 of the new series. If you look at the same show in the UK they have it flagged as season 35, which is really a bit more accurate. The other offering is the single episode animation Toy Story That Time Forgot, from Disney/Pixar again.

In Anime, GLASSLIP: Complete Collection is about an ordinary person working to become a professional glassblower, but when she sees things reflected in glass, sometimes they are things that don’t happen until several days later. When she meets a boy who claims a voice from the future led him to her, she begins to re-evaluate what is going on in her world. If Her Flag Breaks is about a boy who sees “flags” over people who are about to have a major change in their life caused by the choices they make. Those changes might effect their love lives or even just whether they will live or die, and now he has some hard choices of his own to make.

Fairy Tail: Collection 5 contains episodes 97 through 120, which covers almost half a year of episodes at a price equal to Fairy Tale: Part 18, which is the more recent story, but has half the number of episodes for the same amount of money. Finally, Fafner: The Complete Series plus Movie is coming out in a S.A.V.E. edition, which means you can get the whole thing for right around $20.