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Movies have Cooties this week, about grade school zombies and the teachers who are trying to escape them. This comedy/horror film had mixed critical reviews and low box office, but a lot of that was due to the fact that it only showed up on a handful of screens in the US. TV has The Flash: The Complete First Season w/Figurine for collectors, but the figurine isn’t wearing the red suit, it is wearing the yellow one. AMC is releasing Fear the Walking Dead: Season 1 and The Walking Dead: Season 5 Limited Edition this week as well.

Anime has Space Brothers: Collection 6, bringing home episodes 65 through 75, and bringing Mutta to his final tests; if he passes them, he will officially be an Astronaut. Fairy Tail: Part 18 brings still more magical collateral damage in episodes 200 through 212. I should also mention Mobile Suit Gundam: Collection 02, because even though it is a re-release of the original series, it is the first time it will be available in HD to North America.