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In Movies we get 2 great choices; Ant-Man is another Marvel masterpiece, this time bringing founding Avenger Henry Pym to the forefront, although at the point he has to pass the mantle on. The other selection is the Blue Ray version of Minions (the DVD version came out just before Thanksgiving), one of the very best animated comedy’s of 2015, or perhaps the best. TV also brings us 2 quality choices, The Transporter Refueled for a glimpse of the characters younger days, and Under the Dome: Season 3 for he Steven King fans in the audience.

Anime has Rail Wars – Complete Collection, a great series that balances out the Otaku with the MIT Hacker versions of railroad fandom. Riddle Story of Devil: The Complete Series + OVA has twelve female assassins going to a prestigious boarding school for a competition; to be the one to kill fellow student Haru Ichinose, and win their deepest desire. But the one who gets to her first ends up trying to protect her from the others, making life much more complicated for everyone involved. The Irregular at Magic High School – Yokohama Disturbance Arc brings the third and final piece of that series, and while it is quite good, they should just release the complete series with no concern about money.

Let’s not forget Aura: Koga Maryuin’s Last War, a movie which has one formerly delusional student now in charge of another equally delusional person, both of them trying to find their way out into normalcy. Finally this time around we have Haganai: I don’t have many friends, about the misfits who form the Neighbors Club, because they have no choice, on so many levels.