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The few movies being released this week all appear to be low budget direct-to-video offering, like A Cinderella Story: If the Shoe Fits (done as a musical), RZ-9, and Robot World. OK, one exception, I think The Angry Birds Movie may have been played in a theater somewhere. TV has some serious winners though, with Gotham: Season 2 and Once Upon A Time: The Complete Fifth Season being the two I am most excited about. I am sure I would be more excited about The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Seventh Season if I had made it to the fourth season yet. It seems I have way more things I try to watch than there are hours in the day, so I end up getting behind on some of the shows.

In Anime Punch Line is about a Time Traveler who was evicted from his body, a Hero of Justice and her Fembot sidekick, a Ghost Cat Spiritual Master, an unskilled and alcoholic Exorcist, a competition grade Gamer Girl and her alien pet, and an Extinction Level Event on a collision course to wipe out the human race. Which it does, several times; good thing the time traveler refuses to give up, working hard to recover his body and join with his friends to save the planet! Assassination Classroom: Season 1 Part 2 continues the tale of the alien teacher and the students trying their best to kill him; he has promised that if they succeed, he will not destroy the Earth the way he did the Moon. I am sure no one needs any explanation about what Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal: Set 1 is about.

In Trinity Seven: Complete Collection Arata’s town was destroyed, his beloved cousin removed, and he was transported to another world where his new magical powers hold the only key to his return to Earth. Provided, that is, that he can keep the seven deadly girls alive through the trans-dimensional attacks that plague his new world. Blood Blockade Battlefront has denizens of the netherworld teaming up with Superheroes to defend both realms from an evil plot to take over their worlds. Finally, Charlotte Volume 1 contains the first 7 episodes of the 12 part story of adolescents who gain special powers, only to lose them a few years later. While it starts out looking like a high school wish fulfillment fantasy, it doesn’t take many episodes at all before they start revealing the much darker under-story, and the secret war being waged across the world.