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The best movie coming out this week is definitely Maleficent, which includes the best performance I have ever seen Angelina Jolie deliver. The special effects were also quite good, and it really put Sleeping Beauty into perspective as quite a different story than the one Disney told in 1959. Also this week is Hercules as played by Dwayne Johnson, and the family-friendly Planes: Fire and Rescue.

I didn’t see any genre TV coming out this week, but we do have White Collar: The Complete Fifth Season, which is always a fun show. Season 6 begins Thursday, and will be their final season.

Anime gets a couple of choices. Nyaruko: Crawling with Love!: Season 2 continues the rather strange and amusing tale of the guy being protected by three of the Old Ones of C’Thulhu, who shape shift into cute girls to blend in. Yes, it is a romantic comedy. Ben-To is also a comedy, about the food fights that take place when Bento boxes are marked down to half price.