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Sadly there are no memorable movie selections this time. We do have Witchslayer Gretl is another one of those Syfy TV Movies that you wish they had meant to be that silly. Exit Humanity is a Civil War Zombie film hoping to cash in on Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. Alien Origin is Blair Witch meets Predator ripoff. And Awakened is a lot like Alien origin except I recognized a few of the actors, and felt sorry they were stuck in such a movie. All in all, not a very good week for live action feature length films; there will not be a single one of these coming home with me. Let’s face it, the only feature film at all interesting this week is Radio Rebel, which is a Disney flic that is not even a little bit genre.

In TV we also crash and burn, with pretty much nothing to report.

We do a bit better in Anime, with Golgo 13: Collection 4 bringing us the fourth installment of the assassins story, with more dangerous assignments than ever before. Also out is K-ON! Season 2, Collection 1, and it may not be genre, but any band club with a faculty adviser who is also a secret former Death Metal singer/guitarist has to be having fun and taking us along for the ride. Finally Dragonaut: The Resonance is coming out with the complete series in a S.A.V.E. edition, which means you can now pick it up for around $18.