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Warriors Of The Rainbow: Seediq Bale tells the true story of the aboriginal Seediq tribes who rebelled and almost drove the conquering Japanese army off the island in 1930s Taiwan. Their initial attack succeeded, taking the invaders by surprise and killing most of their primary targets; but knives and bows only win for so long against aircraft and poison gas. The other movie worth checking out is an animated Doctor Seuss story, The Lorax. I was particularly impressed with Danny DeVito, who played the title character in the English, Spanish, and Russian versions of the film.

In TV we have Grimm: Season One, one of the better supernatural police procedural programs to come down the pike in many a year. The writing is very intelligent, so of course I expected it to be cancelled half way through its first season and was quite happy to find out we will get a second one. They also picked an excellent cast who jell together quite well onscreen, and base the series on a very interesting premise. This one will definitely be joining my permanent collection.

There are several new and interesting collections in Anime this time around, starting with Rental Magica: Collection 1. A company of wizards and witches have misplaced the company president, and immediately put his son in charge. The problem is the son doesn’t have a lot of knowledge about magic himself, and is also something of a coward in a near combat situation. So the monsters and evildoers the company is up against become much more dangerous to the magicians in the ranks, and the son is in danger of destroying the family business if he can’t get his act together. The 12 episodes in this box set are the first half of the story so far.

In The World God Only Knows: Season Two the champion dating sim player and his demon tormentor continue to free girls from the lost souls who posses them. When a giant lost soul takes over a large portion of the school and turns them into love starved zombies, they will need to recruit another demon to help them win. Also continuing, One Piece comes out with season 4 part 1, continuing the effort to become King of All Pirates.