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It is a sad week when your choices for movies are between Zombie A-Hole and Attack of the Killer Backpacks.

In TV we have Planet Dinosaur, speculative science rather than Sci-Fi, and quite worth your time to check out. You might enjoy taking a look at this page as well if you are looking for a bit more.

Anime has a few new goodies this week starting with Shangri-La, one of my favorite shows from last year. It deals with a future Japan in the middle of a climatic crises and under economic attack, with a ruling elite holding onto the ultimate gated community while the poor starve and live on the street. Until Kuniko take up the gauntlet and fights for the survival of her people, storming the heavily armed gates of heaven’s suburb itself to see them through.

Shakugan no Shana is a story of a warrior who battles demons with a flaming sword, and the dead human boy who has been turned into one of those flames. They work together to defeat evil and maintain the balance between the supernatural world and the mundane.

Finally, No. 6: The Complete Collection takes place in a near future world where a handful of survivors cling desperately to life. There is a mystery to be solved if our two protagonists are to have any hope of survival, and they have to do it before the corrupt elite wipe them out.