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I couldn’t find a single movie this time, but there are two excellent TV shows: Fringe: Complete Fourth Season, and Haven: Complete Second Season. Fringe finishes with season 5, so if you missed any of 4 you can watch it now and get ready for the final round. Haven hopefully has a few more seasons in it after season 3.

For new anime, Intrigue in the Bakumatsu: Irohanihoheto: Collection 1 takes place at the end of the Shogunate era, telling the tale of a wandering warrior who is gathering up implements of supernatural power for reasons even he does not understand. A troop of actors are on much the same mission, but their motivation is revenge. War is coming to Japan, and one or both of them must be ready to try to save their country. Psychic Squad – Collection 3 continues the story of three esper girls with a boatload of power, dangerous enemies, and treacherous handlers.

In Anime classics, Haibane Renmei: Complete Series is a masterpiece of episodic animation, using soft gentle images to tell a brutal story of sin and redemption among those who may be fallen angels. Likewise Martian Successor Nadesico: Complete Collection brings the TV series, the feature film presentation, and the OVA together in a single box set. Excellent news for those who have yet to experience this amazing series. For those of us who own the TV series and the movie this is a bit of a disappointment, since there is no option to pick up just the OVA. The temptation to just buy all the rest of it again to get the missing bits is strong.