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Not much in movies this time except for re-releases. In TV we have Doctor Who: The Web of Fear, a Patrick Troughton era tale that has not been seen as a complete story since it first aired. They managed to find most of the episodes recently, and have used an original audio recording and some animation to fill in the last missing bit, episode 3. This is the story where we first meet Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, later known as the Brigadier, and it sets up the Doctor’s ongoing relationship with UNIT. In western animation we have the Spectacular Spider-Man seasons 1 and 2 in a single box set.

In anime, also, most things are re-releases, but there are a few genre sets coming out. In Nekomonogatari (Black) the protagonist has survived a vampire attack with the help of his beautiful friend. He then learns she was able to help him because of the power given her by being possessed by the Curse Cat, and he must try to free her if he can. In Little Busters! – Collection 2 they are receiving cryptic messages delivered by cats and seeking a friend’s lost shadow. And then things started getting really strange.