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In movies Transformers: Age of Extinction is for the serious action junky, as any one who has seen the previous films in this franchise can attest. For myself, my must-have entry in this category is Space Station 76; anything that gets proclaimed the best science fiction comedy since Galaxy Quest has to be a keeper.

Our only genre entry in TV is Beware the Batman: Dark Justice – Season 1 Part 2, another animated adventure.

In Anime Psychic Detective Yakumo: Complete Collection is abut a girl with a number of possessed friends and a guy who can communicate with the dead. They team up to try to bring some peace, or at least control, to their school. Zombie-Loan: Complete Collection is about a girl who can see death coming, in the form of black rings around peoples necks. When she sees the rings on two of her classmates she warns them of their danger, but it turns out they have the rings because they kill zombies to pay off a loan. When they learn of her abilities, they try to use her to increase their profit margin.

We also get the continuation of a few favorites in the form of Bleach: Season 22 with episodes 304-316, and two from the Luffy franchise, One Piece: Season 6 Part 1 with episodes 337-348, and One Piece: Film Z, a feature length program. I should also mention that Steins;Gate: Complete Series is coming out in an Anime Classics version, which means you can pick up this twisty time travel tale fairly cheap.