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I saw Pacific Rim in IMAX 3D, and the screen still didn’t seem big enough to contain all the action. Even though I don’t have a screen that size at home I expect to enjoy it every bit as much there. The other sci-fi film this time around is The Colony, about surviving the next ice age, and the things that come with it.

In TV, Defiance: Season One is something unique, being the first show interconnected with an MMO, to the point where what happened in the next episode was influenced by developments inside the game that week. That had to be difficult, since normally your production timeline has you filming episodes several weeks in advance, but the result was a fairly impressive experience for those who experienced the series through both media. We also get Star Wars The Clone Wars: The Complete Season Five, a story line that is still going strong.

In Anime, Campione! Complete Collection is the story of an ordinary teen age boy who accidentally defeats the God of War in a fight to the death, and gets declared Campione, or God Slayer. His new job means he has to fight heretical Gods when they show up, and he gets assigned a crew of helper demoness’s who mostly end up getting him into still more trouble. Eureka Seven AO – Part 2 concludes the sequel to the original series, in which Eureka’s child finally learns his history and his part in the battle to save Earth from the aliens.

One Piece – Season 5 Part 3 brings another 11 episodes of piratey goodness, bringing us up to episode 299 (and yes, I do know “piratey” isn’t a word, but I used it anyways). Sword Art Online is putting out another of its little 5 episode discs priced just like a full 13 episode box set, so I will be waiting to catch it on sale. It is an excellent series, I just can’t justify paying 8 to 10 dollars an episode for it.