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While a lot of the releases this time around are on the normal Tuesday timeline, there seem to be a number coming out on Friday, the 21st as well. I am sure this breakup is to target the panicking holiday shoppers and make sure they have something fresh to buy for last minute gift giving. I am not going to indicate which disk gets released on what date since the dates listed at different shopping sites sometimes contradict each other, but everything mentioned here is coming out on one of those two dates.

In movies, Total Recall is the 2012 version of the film, which went back to the original Philip K. Dick source material rather than remake the earlier feature presentation. I am still disappointed they dropped the Mars aspects of the story, but this one definitely qualifies in the adrenalin category. Resident Evil: Retribution is no slouch in the action/adventure arena itself, and continues this well known game and film franchise.

For TV the winner has to be Funny or Die Presents: The Complete Second Season, which is not genre but does at least have a certain geek and nerd appeal.

In anime, Steins;Gate: The Complete Series Part Two brings the conclusion of one of the best time travel anime series ever made. The protagonist keeps sending text messages into the past to get people (including himself) to do things differently to improve the state of the present, but things keep getting worse and worse. Taking place in about the same universe as Robotics;Notes and Chaos;Head, and sharing a creative team with them, this group of series is definitely worth watching.

Another excellent sci-fi series, A Certain Magical Index is a new tale in the universe of A Certain Scientific Railgun, where an entire major metropolis is set aside for the training of espers and psychics, and where scientists study and improve those talents. This time a nun named Index has 103,000 volumes of magical knowledge stored in her memory, and scientists and sorcerers alike are out to capture her and steal her knowledge. Luckily a boy named Kamijo with a power of his own befriends her and helps protect her from her enemies. I definitely recommend this program, in both its series. And just so you won’t have to wait to see how it comes out, both parts 1 and 2 of the first season are being released together.

Also this week, Kobato: Complete Collection is about a girl with a magic flask that can help mend broken hearts and shattered dreams, but her nonhuman mentor isn’t certain she is up to the challenge. And Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky puts the whole story into a single box. If you are an American fan of the game and disappointed a US release of parts two and three never happened, you can watch the collected OVAs here to get the storyline and find out what happened.

Kurozuka: The Complete Series is a story about a 12th century Japanese swordsman who falls in love with an immortal vampire. He is betrayed by his servant, and wakes up in a post nuclear apocalyptic Japan under control of the Red Army. Now he must find his immortal love and defeat the invaders. Ultraviolet Code 044: The Complete Series is a 2008 anime series based on the 2006 sci-fi movie Ultraviolet, about a genetically engineered super soldier (the trade off was a much shortened life expectancy) who goes renegade from the government which had her grown. Viper’s Creed – The Complete Series takes place after World War III leads to environmental catastrophe, and many of the worlds cities have drowned. The Vipers are an elite military group trying to rebuild and defend their portion of the planet.

In continuing series, One Piece – Season 4 Part 3 brings episodes 230 through 241 home for the viewing. Shakugan no Shana Season Two is being broken up into two box sets of about a dozen episodes each. Shana and Yuji continue battling supernatural foes and going through the emotional turmoil of high school while trying to protect both worlds.