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The top choice for this week is the UK hit Being Human: Season 1, seen on this side of the Atlantic on BBC America. The premise sounds like the set up for a bad joke; A Ghost, A Werewolf, and a Vampire get an apartment together. Do not be fooled, this is not a comedy, but a very well done drama exploring some serious questions. Season 2 starts next Saturday in the US, while the UK is gearing up for season 3.

There aren’t any genre movies of note this week unless something snuck by me, but The Runaways film will do nicely to take up the slack. Put another dime in the jukebox, baby.

There are a couple of new releases in the world of Anime, starting with Kurokami: The Animation Part 2. In the second half of the series the Tara Guardian Kuro and the Human Keita form a pact, and go to Okinawa to discover who murdered his mother. You can also watch this on Crunchyroll where they seem to be up to episode 10. The other new program worth noting is My Bride Is A Mermaid: Season 1 Part 1 in which a beautiful mermaid saves the life of the son of a visiting family. But the Mermaid’s dad is a yakuza who give the boy two choices; marry his daughter or sleep with the fishes, and the boys parents are just as dysfunctional if less homicidal. You can watch episodes on Hulu to get an idea of what this series is like.