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Movies this week have a genre option, although Lego Batman: The Movie DC Super Heroes Unite can be considered as a commercial for the game of the same name. 2011’s An Assassin is being released in North America this week for those who enjoy Asian action, and if you prefer your action movies in English Parker is probably the way to go.

In TV True Blood: The Complete Fifth Season continues the twisted goings on around America’s favorite telepathic waitress and her never ending collection of non-human boyfriends. Saving Hope: The Complete First Season is also out this week, for those looking for something a bit more serious from their weekly dose of the supernatural. Finally, the funniest secret agent series since Get Smart is out with it’s next round: Spy: Series 2 out of the UK. Sadly, it looks like they have cancelled it before it made it into season 3.

In Anime, Gunbuster 2: Diebuster is the story of Nono, a girl who wants to be a space pilot, but ends up spending her days working the space port diner. Until the monsters attack, when she becomes key to saving the world. Also this week Lupin the 3rd: Green vs Red is an OVA series in which a hoard of Lupin imitators descend on Tokyo to become a one man crime wave.

Another OVA worth watching is Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar, another fun entry in the Tenchi saga. This time the Princess has kidnapped Kenshi (Tenchi’s half brother) to her home planet to be trained on combat mechas and serve as her sauna attendant. If he can’t win the war he will be stuck scrubbing backs the rest of his life. It is being released in two parts of 7 OVA episodes per part, but the episodes are 45 minutes long each so they do add up to a decent story length.

Two last mentions, not Sci-Fi or Fantasy but fun shows in their own way are K-ON! The Movie, and Love <3 Love?, because you got to make room for silly fun sometimes.