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There arn’t any movies of note this week, although I did at least like the title of Brainjacked. For TV shows, one solid winner in FlashForward: The Complete Series, although the title might turn out to be a lie since Starz was looking to pick up the series some time ago. Also out this week, season one of The Vampire Diaries, which had that memorable photo shoot on a highway overpass in Georgia. I bet none of that footage will be in the DVD!

For Anime, the complete Black Blood Brothers series hits the shelves Tuesday, bringing the story of the Kowloon Children Wars home. For those who need a score card, the Red Bloods are the humans, and the Black Bloods are the vampires. Also, the Uncut version of Naruto Season 3 is being released. I fail to understand why they couldn’t just release the uncut version at the get-go, but I am betting it had something to do with selling the same episodes to the same people twice. And finally there is a Remastered version of Full Metal Panic: Season 1, one of my favorite Anime series. I have no clues as to what part ws actually remastered, but I figured I should mention it.