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There doesn’t seem to be any new genre films this time, except for the very low budget Agent Beetle, so Not Fade Away is my only recommendation. However, if you have missed any of the Trek movies now might be the time to collect them up. A bunch of them are being re-released to sync up with the release of Star Trek: The Best of Both Worlds this week, along with Star Trek: The Next Generation, Season 3 on Blue Ray. There is another re-release that most Americans will have missed the first time around; 1988’s The Navigator: A Mediaeval Odyssey. This time travel story is quite a bit different in that the time travelers are escaping from the Black Death in the middle ages and end up in a modern New Zealand city.

I already mentioned the Trek TV releases, the other good TV worth mentioning this week is Nova: Earth from Space, a two hour special. There are some pretty amazing images there.

In Anime, Fairy Tail: Collection One puts the entire first series in a single box set. This mystical mayhem series is in the tradition of Dirty Pair, where collateral damage costs multiple times what stopping the bad guys saves. Also new, Qwaser of Stigmata II contains all 12 episodes of the second series plus the OVA. Now that the first ancient artifact has been resolved, a new eldrich weapon needs to be tracked down, this time hidden with a member of a girls school and with serious competition hunting for it.

Patlabor The Mobile Police is re-releasing the original 7 volume OVA series that started it all. After that one Mamoru Oshii followed it up with the second OVA series, a 47 episode TV series, and three movies. All of which set his universe up to spawn the next great story series advance and cult classic, Ghost In The Shell. One of the best sci-fi cyberpunk stories in Anime it also grew into multiple movies and TV series.