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At first I wasn’t even going to mention movies this week, since the dreadful The Last Airbender was the obvious title. But then I discovered Metropia is also being released this week, a rather dark and disturbing story about mind control in near future Europe. Even the animation work in this one helps set the mood for a tale that is fully worthy of Philip K. Dick, to the point where I expected to see it was based on one of his stories (it isn’t). Also, Avatar (Three-Disc Extended Collector’s Edition) is the DVD they should have released in the first place with all of the missing footage. But it is still not in 3D, so I suspect their goal is to try to get everyone to buy the movie three times.

In sort-of non fiction we have The Seekers Guide to Harry Potter, the reviews of which have been underwhelming. I will be giving this one a pass, but thought it should at least be mentioned.

In live action TV this week we have Heroes: The Complete Series for those who haven’t bought each season as it was released. While on the topic of live action television I would like to express my displeasure with Syfy for not only canceling Caprica, but stopping showing episodes with several unaired. Likewise kudos to Space TV for continuing to run them; too bad I don’t have that channel on my cable lineup.

In anime we have one release, Our Home’s Fox Deity. If you enjoy humorous demon fighting this is worth checking out. I suspect things are sparse this week because everything is being held back for the holiday shopping season.