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A whole lot of titles being released, or mostly re-released, this week hoping to ride on the coattails of the new Green Hornet movie. The Green Hornet: Movie Edition, The Green Hornet: Original Serials, and Kato & The Green Hornet are all repackaging of the 1940 Green Hornet serials from Universal Studios. Note that the one that starts off with Kato’s name is coming out of South Africa and being sold predominantly across Asia. I find it disappointing that I have located no reference to the 1960s Bruce Lee TV show being re-released this week, as existing editions are a bit pricey if you can track a legal copy down at all. However, The Jade Tiger is going on the shelves Tuesday, so martial arts fans will have something new to watch.

The animated feature film this time around is Alpha and Omega, which has some quality animation work and an excellent vocal cast. It is targeted at the younger set, so don’t expect anything too profound out of the plot line, but a good choice for sharing with the family.

Interestingly enough, 2010’s Piranah 3D is actually being released on 3D Blu-Ray this week, while 1989’s Alien from the Deep seems to have neither a Blu-Ray or 3D version. Personally, I won’t be seeing either one, not being a horror fan.

On TV, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: Season 4, Vol. 2 finishes up the final episodes of that series, so you can now have the entire thing in your collection. As with almost any other TV program from the 60’s (Star Trek and Twilight Zone being the notable exceptions) it is a bit campy, but still fun.

In Anime, 11 Eyes: The Complete Collection tells the story of two friends who are transported into the strange world of Red Night, and must vanquish evil spirits and other foes in order to escape. The other selection is Black Butler – Season 1 Part 1, about a boy who trades his soul for revenge on those who murdered his parents, and the Demon Butler who dismembers his enemies. You can watch it on Hulu to help you decide if you want it in your collection.

If you are looking for something lighter than those two, there is an anime series about an Otaku girl who’s secret hobby is gradually revealed to her friends and family I can recommend: Oreimo. It is currently streaming online for free over at Anime News Network, and every Sci-Fi, Manga, Anime, or Gamer Fan will recognize a bit of themselves in this one. They just posted the final episode the other week, so you can watch the whole thing in one go if you like; it is almost addictive enough that you might even if you don’t intend to.