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For newly released movies we have Let Me In, the American remake of the award winning masterpiece Let The Right One In, for the fantasy/horror crowd with an addiction to vampires. I can not imagine how the US version can be a quarter as good as the original Swedish film with all its layered complexity, beyond the fact that you don’t have to know how to read to follow the story. But I will watch it, probably on a Netflix equivalent so I at least don’t have to pay extra money to find out if it is any good. The next movie this week is Monsters, the next in the series of alien invasion tales for this century, this Brit entry to the field winning all sorts of awards on the Film Fest circuits before it finally made it to theaters and DVD. And finally we have Quantum Apocalypse, which may be the only end-of-the-world movie set in Lafayette, Louisiana. I don’t have anything to recommend it beyond that, since it is a made-for-Syfy Channel movie (usually a demotion all by itself).

Classic animation is represented this week by the 60th anniversary of Alice In Wonderland, the Disney version. Not the modern Disney version with Johnny Depp, but the old one from 1951. Aldous Huxley worked with Walt Disney on early scripts for this project in late 1945, which gets even twisty-er when you realize Huxley’s mother, Julia Arnold, was one of the little girls that Carroll photographed and told the Alice stories to.

There is one quality new Anime title this week: You’re Under Arrest! Fast & Furious – Season 2. If you are not already a fan of this franchise, get ready for some serious belly laughs as car crazy Miyuki and insanely strong Natsumi get everyone in their cross hairs. The quality re-release anime this week is Chobits; a Persacomp (Personal Computer) that looks just like a life size naked girl ends up at our protagonists place and proceeds to turn his life inside out. I know it isn’t obvious from that perfectly accurate description, but this is a Shojo story, with the plot line and action implications all resolving for the (robot) girls benefit. Any computer geek of either gender will love this classic animated tale.

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