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In theatrical films to DVD, Ong Bak 3 ramps up the supernatural elements introduced in the first two movies, but looses none of the trilogies brutal and intense martial arts action. This film completes the story line of this Thai epic.

Here’s a title I have been waiting for on DVD for a while: Doctor Who: The Movie (Special Edition). This 1996 made for TV movie was Paul McGann’s only onscreen turn at the Doctor, although he has done a bunch of radio plays in that persona over at Big Finish and the BBC. It was also the first time Doctor Who was co-produced by an American company, unfortunately Fox. I thought Eric Roberts brought a nice touch of evil to The Master in this one, and while this has previously been released on VHS it will be nice to finally have it as a disk.

For Anime, Chrome Shelled Regios is the new title, with parts 1 and 2 being released the same day. People live in mobile armored cities, avoiding the terminal levels of pollution in the world outside. It doesn’t always stay outside, but their military caste is ready to protect them.

And then there are a few classics being re-released in the US, including FLCL (pronounced Fooley Cooley), a truly insane little animation series from the folks who made Gurren Lagann and Neon Genesis Evangelion. While only six episodes long, this OVA has enough twists and turns for a full season of most other productions, and a killer soundtrack by The Pillows. The other classic title is Chrono Crusade, the story of a heavily armed nun and her demon sidekick battling the forces of evil in 1928 New York. If you missed getting either of these in your collection the first time around, now is your chance, and at a decent price if you shop around. Depending on which web site you believe, these two series might also be released on 22Feb11 rather than this week.